Video Streaming and movies

Movie sales are down at the box office. Cable services are being abandoned for streaming services. Online streaming services like, Netflix, Hulu and HBO are all on the rise and why?

DVD's are now obsolete products and who would have thought this would have happened. Companies like Blockbuster and Redbox are now the thing of the past.

The racks and racks of CD's that filled the stores selling music and software are now a lonely shelf in the corner of electronics.

The reason for this is piracy. How can you compete with online services that can now stream everything and allow you to pick your programming line up.


Goldmarc was and is 20 years ahead of the time. We saw this all happening sooner or later. That is why we have developed outdoor and indoor digital protection methods for movies and live concerts.

Our advanced digital protection will prevent people from recording live concerts or movies. Our advanced technology has been proven in many of the major movie theaters.

Ask us about special pricing and leasing options for this advanced equipment. We even have monthly equipment rentals and a certification program to prove that the digital equipment is working.

Call us today to discuss how you can use this new advanced technology to preserve your offline digital revenues.