Tracking service & marketing

How would you like to know at any given time where your digital media is being used?

Sound too good to be true?

Beacon is a search light technology that tells you exactly where and when your digital media is being used and sold on the internet.

We have taken the guess work out of knowing the critical information that will help you make better business decisions in digital sales.



With Goldmarc's "patent pending" technology. We have also included features to prevent the removal of this digital DNA.

This technology is so advanced that all conventional means of stripping this DNA code from the media has been prevented.

Screen shots, streaming technology, print media, even live presentations all contain a digital tracer that cannot be circumvented without destroying the digital media.

We now have the ability with a "click of a button" delete all additional versions or copies that exceed the licensing agreement.

Imagine, finding 20 illegal copies of your digital work and to have the ability to delete 19 of the 20.