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Goldmarc Solutions, LLC ™
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Goldmarc Solutions, LLC is a anti-priacy company.

Sell your digital work with confidence on this site; knowing that your digital works are now protected from people sharing them.

Buy stock Photos, Videos, Ebooks with store credits, or get a Subscription.

About us

At Goldmarc Solutions, LLC we have developed a new technology that will trace your sold digital works back to the purchaser.

We are releasing "free" to the public our new "BETA" product called "Beacon" for you to try when signing up on this website.

How it works.

"Beacon" which is our new product was developed to trace back to the purchaser all digital media sold on this website.

With a monthly subscription fee, we can provide to you, who, what and where your digital media can be found over the internet.

No more guess work.

No more guess work to where your files are being used. We provide detailed information on who purchased your digital media, and if they are honoring their licensing agreements.

Maximize the profits earned from your digital work, and know with confidence that your digital media is now being protected from cyber-theft.